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Tilad Veterinary Center

(TVC) is the first laboratory in Saudi Arabia, our goal is to provide cutting-edge veterinary services to the animals, including livestock and wildlife.. TVC is striving to increase our knowledge base by forming cooperative working relationships with universities, and veterinary hospitals here and abroad. I invite you to visit the TVC website, the services we offer and the programs being developed and implemented. TVC’s commitment is to work as one team to provide state of the art and quality services in the field of veterinary medicine and animal health.

Laboratories Divisions

TVC is the largest laboratory in Saudi Arabia and has developed working relationships with several companies and universities both regionally and internationally.


Patient health is often determined utilizing biochemical markers and enzymes. TVC has the ability to run a full range of electrolyte and blood enzymes for each patient.


TVC has the ability to detect parasites both externally and internally. Several diagnostic methods are used to enhance the ability to detect the parasites, especially in livestock.


Microbiology techniques are utilized to detect bacteria and provide antibiotic sensitivities for infections affecting the animals.


TVC was the first laboratory in Saudi Arabia to establish the techniques for successful embryo transfer in the camels. This division is committed to the reproductive issues facing livestock and wildlife. TVC looked to exceed its work by establishing the Breeding divisions.


Conservation biology is the main goal of this division and is committed to the wildlife of the Middle East. Identification and management of threatened species in the Middle East is of utmost concern.

Avian and Exotic Animal

TVC’s goal is to provide superior disease diagnostics and treatment recommendations affecting these animals. Training in avian and exotic clinical pathology is at the forefront of education at TVC.

Clinical and Histopathology

TVC is dedicated to developing and instituting accurate and appropriate laboratory diagnostics to diagnose chronic diseases affecting Middle East livestock and wildlife. This effort is accomplished with the working relationship of scientists worldwide.


TVC can provide veterinary and laboratory equipment to the surrounding businesses in need of this support. This division is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of animal medical situations in the Middle East.


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