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Tilad Veterinary Center (TVC) is the first laboratory in Saudi Arabia accomplishing the above goals. TVC is striving to increase our knowledge base by forming cooperative working relationships with universities, and veterinary hospitals here and abroad. I invite you to visit the TVC website, the services we offer and the programs being developed and implemented. TVC’s commitment is to work as one team to provide state of the art and quality services in the field of veterinary medicine and animal health.

To become an internationally recognized veterinary laboratory, providing superior diagnostics and treatment recommendations for diseases affecting our regional animals. TVC will also establish a center for education and training.

TVC’s scientific team will partner with professionals internationally to develop diagnostic protocols for early detection, screening and identification of diseases affecting our regional animals. TVC is also committed to provide treatment recommendations to the owners of such animals.

TVC will work with the full capacity of its team to reach its aims under international and humanitarian standards.

TVC was established in 2009, and was considered the first laboratory in Saudi Arabia. Today, TVC is the largest laboratory in Saudi Arabia and has developed working relationships with several companies and universities both regionally and internationally. TVC strives to maintain the trust we enjoy from our clients and provide a very strict laboratory standard, which is approved internationally.

  1. Cooperate with universities and research centers to detect and identify emerging animal diseases in the Middle East.
  2. Cooperate with universities and research centers to develop preventive disease strategies.
  3. Equine, Camel & Falcon drug testing.
  4. Develop Camel Vaccines and disease testing.
  5. Conduct Artificial Insemination of Camel.
  6. Identify and manage threatened species.

TVC is pleased to serve the animals locally and internationally, and to provide wildlife ecology and medicine. TVC is working to provide services to local and international veterinary clinics. TVC is also aspiring to offer animal husbandry training to the Middle East animal owners, youth organizations, school and university students.

  • School and Universities (training and advanced research).
  • Organizations (cooperation)
  • Tours (discovery)
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