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About Us

  • Corporate Profile

    Tilad Environmental is a leading firm specialized in research and consultancy. The firm has built an expert team of consultants from various continents with extensive knowledge in environmental services and governance.

    Along with environmental research and consultancy, Tilad Environmental has enriched itself with additional experience in veterinary medicine fields.

    The firm has accomplished successful projects in North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Tilad Environmental has participated in projects from all over the world.


    Help create a positive environmental foot print, by utilizing expert technical qualities, and using validated scientific methods.


    We aim to coexist with the environment at every level of our business. And develop nature-based tourism through nature reserves in Saudi Arabia.


    We pride ourselves to our dedication, consistency and efficiency with our work. We strive to continue our pursuit to excellence.

  • Tilad Ultimate Goal

    We want the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be the leader and first to restore the flora and fauna of the Middle East as a shining example to the world.

  • 2030 vision

    A Vibrant Society

    Achieving Environmental Sustainability

    By preserving our environment and natural resources, we fulfil our Islamic, human and moral duties. Preservation is also our responsibility to future generations and essential to the quality of our daily lives. We will seek to safeguard our environment by increasing the efficiency of waste management, establishing comprehensive recycling projects, reducing all types of pollution and fighting desertification. We will also promote the optimal use of our water resources by reducing consumption and utilizing treated and renewable water. We will direct our efforts towards protecting and rehabilitating our beautiful beaches, natural reserves and islands, making them open to everyone. We will seek the participation of the private sector and government funds in these efforts.