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Albara Binothman

Doctor BIO

Albara Binothman is currently a graduate student in Conservation Biology at Oregon State University. His interest in veterinary medicine comes from assisting the veterinarians at Al Jazira Poultry Farm, where his father is the CEO. From the age of 10 he has assisted with many tasks, such as postmortem, vaccination, surgery, and treatment, and management of the farm. He graduated with a M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from South Dakota State University in 2016. He graduated with a B.S. in Veterinary Medicine from King Faisal University in 2010. He is a co-founder of Alaradi Falcon Conservation Center and Kuwait Falcon Hospital. He owned and operated a rescue shelter inside the Al Jazira Poultry Farm and other farms, for more than 10 years. In addition, he has bred and reared wild and domestic animals his whole life, including falcons, hyenas, snakes, fish and parrots. He spent seven years specializing in avian treatment at King Faisal University Hospital and this work was the basis for his book "Bird of Prey: Falcons”, which was published in 2013 by Arabic magazine publisher. Binothman is in the process of applying for several patents related to avian imping and other animal related inventions. He has received several awards, including Outstanding Students for 2012 from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). Moreover, he has taught more than 2000 students from Saudi Arabia, Washington DC, and Portland State University on how to be inventors and how to raise animals. He has been a volunteer and a consultant for more than three years in the veterinary field and in the process of developing inventions. He moved to the USA in 2012 to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Conservation Biology.

Albara Binothman
R&D Manager, Tilad Veterinary Center
Ph.D. student
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
USA Cell: +1 858-281-1136 Office +1 605-688-4515
KSA Cell: +966 555-563-011

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