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For centuries, Saudi Arabians have revered falcons and camels. These majestic animals exemplify our peoples’ soaring love of flight, beauty and freedom in the desert. Tilad team members have dedicated their lives to these animals in an effort to assure their prominence in Middle Eastern culture. Early on, it became clear to Tilad’s founders that protecting individual animals also meant providing ecologically safe habitats for them to live. This led to the company’s development and integration of environmental and veterinary services aimed at helping wildlife and domestic species thrive while at the same time designing sustainable development that contributes to jobs and the economy. Tilad is led by an international team of ecological, veterinary and sustainability practitioners backed by a strong board of business and natural resource experts. We are dedicated to the broadest perspective, cutting edge science and attention to every critical detail in our assessments. We hold ourselves to the highest ecological and veterinary standards and pass these values on to our customers in service and products they will find no where else.


To coexist with the  environment at every  level of our business  activities:  enhancing  biodiversity awareness  and promoting the  socio-economic  benefits of biodiversity  conservation.


Assisting our clients in  developing world leading project and  programs that protect,  enhance, and restore  the environment in  ways that meet the  goals of the Kingdom  of Saudi Arabia’s  vision 2030.


The highest standards of  business principles and practice

Meeting global standards for  the best scientific and technical  methodologies and effectively  communicating our findings

Accomplishing our work in a  manner consistent with Saudi  culture and always respecting  Islamic principles and values.